Black Russian Terrier Breeders

In selecting a Black Russian Terrier breeder, you must find someone who answers your questions and with whom you feel you can develop a bond. Your BRT breeder should be there for you throughout your dog’s life, not just when you are getting ready to give the breeder money for a puppy. They should be more interested in the welfare of their puppies and the home to which they are going than in how fast you can send the deposit.

They should be honest with you about their policies on health checks, training and showing. If possible, find a Black Russian Terrier breeder who demonstrates the abilities of their breeding stock rather than just talking about it. Find a breeder whose dogs have competed in the conformation ring to show that their structure is sound. Find a breeder whose dogs have competed in obedience or rally or schutzhund to show their trainability and intelligence, as well as the fact that they can be controlled. Find a BRT breeder who takes the time to do temperment testing – puppy testing, the Canine Good Citizen test given by AKC and/or the American Temperament Testing Society test given to older dogs. Because dogs have “good temperament” while at home does not necessarily mean that they have sound working temperaments, are not fearful in unusual situtations or that they are not overly aggressive when threatened. Only through testing can these traits be found.

You should also find a Black Russian Terrier breeder who health checks their dogs and selects mates that have been health tested. This does not mean that every dog must be perfect, but the breeder should know the faults healthwise as well in conformation, and should not breed two dogs with the same problems.

Once you have found a breeder who knows their breeding stock, has proven that breeding stock’s abilities and has health tested that stock, discuss with the breeder what you are looking for. Discuss the sex of the puppy you want. Many people want a male, but don’t realize just how big many BRT males get. Discuss what you want to do with your dog. And then take that breeder’s advice on the right puppy for you.