Black Russian Terrier Puppies

All Black Russian Terrier puppies are cute. They are small and cuddly and very sweet. But, in the case of Black Russian Terriers, these gentle babies grow into large, tough dogs. They are smart, strong, agile and devoted, but they are also big, protective and can be aggressive.

In choosing a Black Russian Terrier puppy you first must decide if this is the breed for you. If you are looking for something to be a child’s dog, this may not be the best breed. Most Blackies love children, but they are an adult’s dog. They need the strong leadership that seldom comes from children, especially young children. They will love your babies and they will protect your babies, but they will not be controlled by your children.

If you are looking for something to go everywhere and love everyone, again this may not be the best breed. Black Russian Terrier puppies will love going everywhere with you. They will not love everyone. They will have to learn to accept your choice of people and not try to substitute theirs. They will have to be trained to obey your commands, and they will have to learn that you are the pack leader. If you cannot be the pack leader, this is not the breed for you.

If you can be the pack leader, are willing to put the time and effort into training and socializing your dog and you are looking for a smart, large, guardy dog, these dogs are wonderful. And once you have decided that this is the breed for you, you must look for a strong healthy Black Russian Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder. Find a Black Russian Terrier breeder who answers your questions and with whom you feel you can develope a trusting relationship. And then tell that breeder what you are looking for and what you expect from your dog. Let your breeder assist you in finding the right puppy in the litter for your needs. And then spend time with your baby and enjoy him…or her!