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The only kennel in the U.S. where every dog living here— past, present,
and our prospective breeding stocks —has at minimum:

The Black Russian Terrier is a calm, outgoing,
and courageous dog with self-assurance.

They are extremely reliable and very smart dogs. They were bred to guard and protect during the 1930’s, a military kennel named the Red Star, out of Moscow, started working on a native breed that would be part of the national security force. The Black Russian Terrier requires human attention and affection. These dogs cannot be left alone as an outside dog. They want to be close to family and are loyal companions. Obedience training and early continued socialization are required in order to keep the breed from becoming overly protective. Because of their intelligence, they excel in Rally, Obedience, protection work, drafting and tracking, and can be trained to do almost anything including dock diving, water rescue, weight pulling and search and rescue. Queens Over Black Russians are trained and handled by owner Edea Caldwell.  They are also shown in the conformation ring, owner-handled, with the super assistance of several wonderful professional handlers including Mel Holloman and David Rich. The puppies were selected and filmed at 5 weeks of age to be the featured litter  and will be featured on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 – Black Russian Terrier segment.

Introducing The Guardian Girls


Multi CH., AKC/UKC GCh, IABCA WCCH Russian Bear’s Riki Brianna CDX, UCD, RAE2, URO3, CGCA, TT, BHI, CS, SD, VDX.

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Multi Ch., AKC/UKC Grand Champion, IABCA Honor-S Ch Zastava Bride of War CD, RAE, CA, URO3, CGCA, TT, BHI, CI

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AKC/UKC Grand Champion, IABCA Ehren-13 Ch. Petmari-Zillber Ulyana CD, RAE, URO3, CGCA, TT.

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Multi Ch., AKC/UKC GCh. IABCA Ehren Ch Queens Over’s Into Thin Air BN, CD, RAE, URO2, CGCA, TT, BHI

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Multi Ch., AKC/UKC Grand Champion, IABCA Nat’l & Internat’l Ch Queens Over’s Battle To Glory CD, RAE, URO2, TT, CGCA, BHI, CS, SD.

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AKC/UKC GCh., IABCA Nat’l and Internat’l Ch. Medvezhya Staya Dikaya Amazonka CD, RAE, URO2, CGCA, BHI, TT, SD.

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AKC/UKC GCh., IABCA/ICE Honors-B Ch, Queens Over’s Once Upon A Time RA, URO1, CD, RAE, URO2, CGCA, TT.

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Multi Ch., AKC/UKC GCh. IABCA Ehren Ch Queens Over’s Into Thin Air BN, CD, RAE, URO2, CGCA, TT, BHI

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