The National Specialty is over, and we all had a wonderful time. Ulyana got all three legs on her CD getting 4th in her class on Saturday with a 192 1/2, her second leg on Sunday was a 195 score and Monday at the National she earned a first place with 187 1/2. She also managed to win the Puppy Sweepstakes on Monday. Such a well-rounded young lady.
Riki made the cut in the specials class on Saturday and again on Monday at the National.
Ugo, Ulyana’s brother was Reserve Winners Dog on Sunday and won his class at the National. He was second in his Sweepstakes class. His housemate, Annie, was Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday. So G and Kahla also had a successful weekend.
The most fun of all was the impromptu puppy 3-6 months class they had Monday afternoon. There were eight puppies there – five from Riki’s litter. Aeron, Nicholas, Heiress, Hagrid and Leo were in the class. Leo, being the ‘bruiser’ that he is, had to show everyone how tough he was so, despite Christine Skrinjar’s best efforts, he did not place – but he did learn some ring manners since this was his first time at a show. There were three judges and our other four puppies kept swapping places. They would put one in first, send them around, then swap everyone’s place. This happened three or four times – just shows they are ‘peas in a pod’. The Judges simply couldn’t pick between them. But in the end,for this one time – Aeron was first, Nicholas was second, Hagrid was third and Heiress was fourth. However at some point each one of them was leading the line. And if Mel had been handling Nicholas, well……. So – out of 8 puppies, we managed to rake in all four placements. Not bad! And what fun.
It was great to see all of our old friends and to make new ones. Hope more of the “family” can make it next time.