5 puppies showed this weekend in Georgia and Iowa. Of those 5, four earned at least one point and the fifth puppy got a reserve winners dog. They went as follows: Queens Over’s Into Thin Air (Aeron) 3 shows in Atlanta – 2 WB for 2 points, 1 BW, 1 RWB, and 2 legs on her RN with a 3rd and a 4th place. Queens Over’s Air Lock-it (Lockit) 3 shows in Atlanta – 1 WB for one point, 2 RWB; Queens Over’s Air Force Reserve (Jack) 1 show in Atlanta – RWD; Queens Over’s Airborne Army of One (Hagrid) 2 shows in Atlanta – 1 WD and BW for 1 point, 1 RWD; and Queens Over’s Heiress of Airs (Heiress) 4 shows in Iowa – 1 WB for 1 point, 3 RWB, and she would have had her first RN leg if Momma hadn’t forgotten station 5.