Name: Laura Texter

Puppy’s Name: Leo

Comment: Went to the trainer again yesterday with Leo. The trainer said “he is really flying through the lessons!” I am so proud of my boy. Of course, even when they are working with him he keeps his eyes on me. Doesn’t like to let me out of his sight! The trainer gives us homework so every night I take Leo n Sasha out and work with each of them in different places to “proof” them in their heeling, sit/stays…… I think in another couple of lessons we will be ready for their advanced obedience. Then onto Rally Ready and Conformation classes. Training both of them keeps me very busy but the goal is to be able to take them anywhere off leash and have them pay attention to me and listen. Everywhere we go people want to know what kind of dogs they are. I hear they are “beautiful” all the time. Of course, no one can believe Leo is only 8 months old he is SO big! Once w e finish classes Mom (me) needs to get over her nerves and enter Leo into a rally. Makes me nervous just thinking about it! Will keep you updated. 🙂