We went to Eaton, Ohio for the Fort St. Clair shows on April 28th & 29th.  On Saturday, Aeron won her second major from the bred-by class and finished her championship!!!  She was also best Bred-By Exhibitor and went 3rd in the Bred-By Exhibitor Group.  Hurray – she is now Multi-Ch. Queens Over’s Into Thin Air RAE, URO1, CGC!  Not bad for 12 months and 1 week old.

Ulyana was Best of Breed on Saturday giving her another 4 breed points.  She showed like the trouper she is, even though the young ladies were getting most of the attention.

On Sunday, Lockit was Winner’s Bitch for her second major and went on to Best of Breed.  This is her second win over a special.  She needs only one more point to finish her championship.  What a great weekend.  Thanks to all of those who helped make this work.