We descended upon the Atlanta shows by the droves!  LOL.  Nicholas (GrCh. Queens Over’s The Last Airbender) was there for all three shows.  He was Select each day.  The other two male champions alternated between being Breed or out of the ribbons, so -for all his youth – he was the only one in the ribbons each day.  He’s now working on his Bronze Grand Championship – not sure of the exact count right now, but he’s about one third of the way there.  Aeron (Multi Ch. Queens Over’s Into Thin Air) went on Sunday and was Select bitch for another point, giving her 11 Grand Champion points.

But the most fun was all of Macha’s puppies.  Pepper, Teddy, Kali and Reddick each went one day and thoroughly enjoyed their day at the show, meeting many new friends – both dogs and people.  Taavi and his family and Niki and her family came both Saturday and Sunday, got treats, played with their brothers and sisters and had a grand time….until they wore themselves out and crashed – right in the middle of the confusions.  Nerves of steel – those two!  It was wonderful seeing all the babies and their families and we all got to gossip and watch dogs.  What a wonderful two days!!!!

Niki and Taavi visit the Atlanta show