(November 7, 2014) HURRAY!!!!!! Niki (GCh. Queens Over’s Love of Battle RN, TT) was Best of Breed yesterday in Decatur, Alabama! And to make the win even better….she was handled by her daddy, Larry Isaacson! Nothing in the Group, but they looked super! So proud of them both!

MORE POINTS FOR THE BABIES!! Both Morrigan and Wally from the Aeron-Arharovec litter got another point toward their championships yesterday. Morrigan (Queens Over’s Once Upon A Time RN) was Winners Bitch and Wally (Queens Over’s Timt After Time) was Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex!

Nike got another point toward her Grand Championship yesterday going Select Bitch! So happy with my “little” girl!

(November 11, 2014) Great weekend in Alabama! We ended up with four best of breeds out of four days! Niki (GCh. Queens Over’s Love of Battle RN, TT) from the Macha-Igor litter was Best of Breed the first two days with owner Larry Isaacson handling! Nike (Ch. Medvezhya Staya Dikaya Amazonka RN, CGC, BHI) was Best of Breed the last two days for two five point majors toward her Grand Championship. She now has 22 points and needs only three singles to finish!!!!
The Aeron-Arharovec babies also did well…..Morrigan (Queens Over’s Once Upon A Time RN) was Winners Bitch three days and Best of Winners twice for four more points giving her a total of six. She was also Best Bred-By on Friday, but we didn’t make the Group. Wally (Queens Over’s Time After Time) was Winners Dog all four days and Best of Winners once for three more points giving him four points total. He was also Best Puppy on Saturday and went on to a Group 4. Velcro (Queens Over’s Time On My Side) got her first point and was Best of Winners of Friday. It was quite a weekend!

(November 29, 2014) Pretty good day for day 2! Annie was Select for another point. 4 to go…
And Kali got leg 9 with 1st in excellent and High Combined!!!! So EXCITED by how well she worked! Puppies both did well….they behaved even when I handed them off so I could get to rally….and no judges were eaten by either of them! Really, really proud of how well they have done this weekend.

(November 30, 2014) Nike’s second Breed win of the weekend at Priceville! And another 5 point Grand Champion major. What a girl!!!!! And she was just barely 12 months at these shows.

Nike - Breed Win