The April Perry shows are now behind us…and for me it was, and always is, a working show. The Breed ring is important, but at Perry, there are so many other forums where our wonderful dogs can show off their prowess! And always there are the health checks! Morrigan came away from her two shows with a Reserve to another major…would have loved to have finished her, but this was not the focus at these shows. We started with finishing up CGCAs for everyone in the house. The first five got theirs in Newnan a couple of weeks ago…Riki, Macha and Morrigan got theirs in Perry on Thursday. Then Friday we practiced our carting…it was the first time for both Riki and Macha to cart away from home. Saturday the tests came. First we had Emrys from the Aeron-Arharovec litter and Baron from the Ulyana-Richie litter to complete their eye and heart checks. All was well!!!

Then we moved to carting. I admit……this one had me nervous. I had trained…but had no idea what I was doing. I read books and practiced by myself at home. There was no one nearby to show me….so Riki, Macha and I figured it out. But now the test……and they both made me so proud! Riki scored a 193 and tied for second but was third on time…..still, this is not something she likes. She sees no point and knows she cannot “rescue” me while she is hooked to that THING! But because I asked, she did it…and she did it with style! Then comes my sweet Macha Macha (not a misprint….she is called the “Macha Macha” LOL). The Judge said he wanted to give her extra points for her attitude and “now famous” wagging tail! Everyone has always commented about her tail wagging through everything….she LOVES to work! Macha was the first dog in the class to go….neither she nor I had ever done a test…..but she showed her true working self and won the class with a 196 out of a possible 200! No wonder the babies from Queens Over have such great working character….look where they come from!!!!!!!!!
So, while Morrigan may not have gotten her last major…she has just turned 13 months….still a baby! And she did run right through her CGCA! Her brother got his health checks, as did Baron. And Riki and Macha each added two new titles to their names! (as if Riki needed anymore! LOL)

April 12 2015 carting 2 April 12 2015 carting