We went with four Queens Over dogs. I had my two Aeron kids, and Debrielle Carr had her boy from Ulyana and her girl from Aeron. After the whole weekend everyone came home with wins! Emrys was Winners Dog twice and Best of Winners once and got two more points from the Bred-By class. Velcro (Debbie’s girl) got Best of Winners twice for two more points with Debbie handling. Bison (Debbie’s boy) was Winners Dog today for another point. Morrigan was Select Bitch yesterday and today…she is now down to needing 9 points to finish her Grand! And Emrys was in Rally Excellent today and came out with a second in his class and his second leg! Couldn’t have asked for much more!!!!!! A special thank you toDavid Elmo Rich for his expert help and grooming and to Michelle Barker who came up all three days just to help us get dogs to the ring and cover in the Breed ring when we had three dogs in at the same time. And it was great to seeWilliam Lynn, who owns Macha’s brother, Karu! What a wonderful time we had!!!!!