My sweet Riki has gone to be with Ernie. She was my start in this breed….and what a start she was. Judge Don Jones told me when he first saw her that she would be “a Great One” She was! She did everything that was ever asked of her….I would point out a ribbon or trophy I wanted…and she would win it. When she walked in a ring, she made her presence known. But besides her titles and breed wins, she was my best friend and companion. She stopped a mugger in a parking lot, and she stayed by my side when Ernie passed away. She would not leave me when I had my hip surgery. But most of all she gave me her wonderful daughter, Aeron, and her two grandchildren, Emrys and Morrigan. I will miss her, but knowing that she will always be by my side is my strength. For a love as great as hers can never die!

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