AKC GCh-B (one of the first ten BRTs to earn this title), UKC GCh., IABCA WCCh. Russian Bear’s Riki Brianna CDX, UCD, RAE2, URO3, CGCA, TT, CS, BHI, VD, SD – Multi BIS (I believe it was 12 from IABCA and UKC), BISS, Grand Seiger, BOS at 2010 National Specialty (first Americanbred ever on the podium), 2012 Top Producing Dam, Mother of six AKC Champions, 8 IABCA Nat’l & Internat’l Chs., 1 UKC Ch., 1 UKC GCh., 2 AKC GChampions, 8 TTs, and many many babies with rally & obedience titles including a daugher with an RAE before she was 12 months, Grandmother of 2 AKC Chs., 1 AKC GCh., 2 UKC GChs., 5 IABCA Nat’l & Internat’l Chs., and many holding rally titles and TTs.

These are a few of the highlights of her life….her first Best In Show – Puppy under Don Jones at 12 months, her Grand Seiger win, her Group 2 owner-handled again under Don Jones, Her Best of Breed under Dr. Robert Smith, again owner-handled, when it seemed that every handler and top ten dog in the country was there – the same day she finished her CDX, her final leg of her RAE under a judge so tough he would take off ten points if you went past the finish line on the wrong side of the cone – and she got her last leg with a 99 and 100 (she was not yet two in this picture), and most importantly her cuddled up with her buddy Macha and with Ernie – her “other best friend”. I had fun going through these pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Dec 24 2015 Riki and ErnieDec 24 2015 Riki and MachaDec 24 2015 Riki best in showDec 24 2015 Riki CDXDec 24 2015 Riki finished championshipDec 24 2015 Riki finishingDec 24 2015 Riki on the moveDec 24 2015 Riki stayDec 24 2015 Riki this is my girlDec 24 2015 Riki winning SeigerDec 24 2015 Riki


AKC/UKC GCh, IABCA Erhen-S Ch. Zastava Bride of War CD, RAE, URO3, CA, CS, BHI, CGCA, TT

Macha is Riki’s best friend …at least in the dog world. She came to us from Olga Kornienko in July, 2009. Riki and Macha were inseperable and once, when Macha was playing with another puppy (both about 5 months old) and Macha yelped…Riki charged in and grabbed the other dog and flipped her for hurting Macha. Riki always disliked that other dog after that. Macha finished her championship the weekend this picture was taken going Winners Bitch three of the four days for three majors. Her brother was Best of Winners all four days and he also finished that weekend. She was ten months old! I had broken my arm two nights before the shows, and when I tried to set her up I could not, so Mel Holloman kindly agreed to take her in for me.

Dec 24 2015 Macha