My babies have done me proud once again!!!!! Nike and Morrigan have been invited to the Rally National Championship for Advanced and Emrys….the big boy…..was invited for Rally Excellent! So proud of my kids!!!!!

Semper, a brother to Emrys and Morrigan, also got an invite for Novice….he got his Rally Novice at the end of December last year, while he was visiting with me. And Baron, from the Ulyana-Richie litter also got an invite for Novice. He got his RN while he was back with me and getting his championship this past spring. How exciting!!!! Three of the Riki grandchildren and one of the Ulyana babies invited – a total of four dogs bred at Queens Over….2 Novice, 1 Advanced and 1 Excellent competitor. And our newest import, Nike, also invited for Advanced. Queens Over is making itself felt in the working arena as well as the breed ring!!!!!!!!!