Michelle Barker and I went to a barnhunt seminar and had a blast!!!! I took Ulyana and Morrigan for the rat hunting class and Michelle took her malinois, Bond, for rat hunting and Taloc for tunneling – he already hunts rats! So much fun. Each dog got a fifteen minute private class. Ulyana was not to thrilled but by the end she was indicating the rat, getting on the bales and going through a tunnel. Morrigan thought it was much more fun. She was hunting her rat off lead by the end of her class and indicating her find with a wagging tail, going all over the straw and zooming through her tunnels. Taloc did well with tunneling and at the end of his sessions he was going through a tunnel about 8 feet long with two turns shaped like a U! Here is yet one more thing to enjoy with your Blackie!