What an exciting weekend in Atlanta! Got to see many friends that I haven’t seen because I’ve been stuck in rally if I even got to the shows. Been 7 months since I was able to go into the breed ring because of my leg. Almost that long since Emrys has been shown….except for one weekend in Biloxi with David. Emmy thought he was going to be an ass the first day, but then he remembered that I did not tolerate that kind of behavior, so he was good as gold the last two days! And he managed 3 Select Dog wins for three more majors – he now has 19 points, 5 majors and 2 champions wins on his Grand. Just need 6 more points and 1 champion win, and he will be done!!!!!
Morrigan came through for me and finished her RAE in 10 straight trials, finishing with her last leg being a 99. She would have had a 99 in Excellent too, if momma had not turrned wrong on a pivot. She is now done with her “required” titles.
Velcro, Morrigan and Emmy’s sister – Ch. Queens Over’s Time on My Side CGC, TT, got her first two legs on her Rally Novice title today with momma, Debrielle Carr, and got three second places and one third! So it has been a GREAT weekend for the Aeron- Arharovec litter. So proud of all “my” kids! ……and my leg held up all weekend!!!!! 🙂
Momma Aeron will soon be bred for the last time and I can’t wait for more of her babies!