I am rewriting my puppy contract and Emrys’ stud dog contract to include provisions that no Queens Over puppy may be registered with or shown at UKC shows for so long as they recognize colored Black Russians as eligible for showing. There will also be provisions that any QO puppy that is bred may not be bred to a dog of another breed or to a BRT of any color other than black, and should any puppies be produced that are not black they must be sold on a limited registration. Emrys will not be available to any bitches of color or to any breeders who have intact Black Russians of color or who have bred litters involving colored Black Russians. There may be more, but it will be along these lines. I am notifying all of those interested in my babies of this to save time. If you have bred or intend to breed or show colored Black Russians, do not bother to try to get a QO baby. If you are already on the list, and want to be a part of the new “movement”, please let me know so I can take you off the list. This is a choice for each person, but, to the extent I can, I will see that my dogs are not a part of it. Thank you.