Requirements for Queens Over Black Russian Terrier Puppies

We want all of our puppy buyers to be satisfied with their new babies, but we also want the best for our puppies.  To that end, we have developed these minimal requirements for our prospective homes.  If you are involved with working and training your baby, you will be much less disappointed because your baby did not turn out as you desired.  Your work will help it to be exactly what you want and will build a bond between you and your dog.

1. We do not ship.  If you want a Queens Over puppy, you must come to us or meet us at a show to see your puppy before you get him or her.  This gives us the opportunity to meet you, you to meet us and for you to see your new baby before it gets to your house.

2. All puppies must obtain a Companion Dog obedience title or a Rally Novice Obedience title by the age of 18 months.  This is to insure that the puppy is receiving the training and socialization necessary for him/her to become a good canine citizen and member of your family.

3. All puppies must be house dogs.  This breed needs to be with you…not left out in the yard.

4. All homes must have a fenced yard or enclosure.  This is as much for your dog’s protection as to keep him at home.  These dogs do not normally wander, but other dogs can come over and a fight can start.

5. All show puppies must be shown in conformation competition.

6. All puppies must obtain a Canine Good Citizen certificate and/or a TT from the American Temperament Testing Society.