Hagrid Update

Name: Sharon Sweda Puppy's Name: Hagrid Comment: Hagrid has been with us for about 7 weeks and he is a genuine doll-baby! Edea trained him well and he made a smooth transition to our home where he shares us with 1 year old BRT, Lexi. Lexi was very high maintenance until Hagrid joined us. She now [...]

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Xena Update

Name: Peggy Beckens Puppy's Name: Queens Over's Airs Above The Ground (Xena) Comment: Xena attended her second real show at Brooksville, FL. on Friday 1/20/12. What a weekend! She won her puppy class Friday and went on to compete for Best Puppy In Show, garnering a group 3 placement. She also competed and earned her first leg [...]

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Heiress Update

Name: Kahla and G Johnson Puppy's Name: Heiress Comment: Hi! We are so excited to have such a beautiful BRT in Miss Heiress. Her first shows were in Lincoln, NE which she won and we are so proud of her. (See the attached show photo) I can't leave her first Christmas out, See the second photo :) [...]

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Leo Update

Name: Laura Texter Puppy's Name: Leo Comment: Went to the trainer again yesterday with Leo. The trainer said "he is really flying through the lessons!" I am so proud of my boy. Of course, even when they are working with him he keeps his eyes on me. Doesn't like to let me out of his sight! [...]

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