The Queens Over Difference

Here at Queens Over we have a different philosophy about breeding.  And it is seen starting with our girls.  Each of the Queens Over Guardian Girls must meet rigid goals, before she can have puppies that carry the name “Queens Over”.  Before being bred, each girl MUST:

  1. Be not only an AKC Champion, but must also have earned her Grand Championship.
  2. Be a conformation champion in at least two other forums such as UKC and IABCA.
  3. Have demonstrated her working abilities by earning both basic and advanced working/rally/obedience titles.
  4. Have earned a Canine Good Citizen Certificate.
  5. Have demonstrated sound temperament by passing the temperament test from the American Temperament Testing Society earning her a TT.
  6. Have completed health checks including heart, eyes, patellas, elbows, hips and HU testing for  hyperuricosuria.
  7. Must have been a good family dog and house pet.

We do not think it is enough to say our dogs have good structure or are very smart or have “good temperament”.  We feel a dog should be able to demonstrate its abilities.  No other black Russian kennel in the US expects as much of EVERY bitch that is to be bred as we do.

We then spend much time (often more than a year) looking at males, researching pedigrees, looking at offspring and their pedigrees, looking at health checks, viewing relatives of the dogs we are interested in.  After  many hours, we try to select the best match for the girl which we are preparing to breed.  There are no last minute picks – we do not breed until we find a boy who compliments our girl in every way.  And we look worldwide for the father.  We do not limit ourselves to local dogs or dogs that are “convenient”.

Puppies are all raised in the house, close by and get lots of socialization, play time and time to be with both people and other dogs.  All puppies have age-appropriate vaccinations, are microchipped, given a puppy temperament test,  and (unless we are certain of each puppy’s HU status) HU tested before they leave us.  They have all started their lead training and their crate training.

We get results too.  Out of our first litter of ten, we have 6 AKC champions, 2 AKC Grand Champions, 2 that are pointed toward their AKC championships,  1 UKC Champion, 8 with one or more IABCA championships, 14 various rally/obedience titles, 1 herding instincts title, 7 CGCs or CGCAs,  and 7 with TTs.  And this was by the age of 2 years!

In our second litter of eight, we have 5 AKC champions, 3 AKC Grand Champions, 1 UKC Champion, 1 UKC Grand Champions, 6 IABCA Champions, 7 with rally titles, 7 with TT’s, 2 herding instinct titles and 7 with CGCs or CGCAs.

Our 3rd & 4th litters have done equally well with 4 AKC Champions each, 1 working towards his Grand Championship from the 3rd litter & 2 from the 4th, and many IABCA, ICE & UKC titles. Nearly all of the dogs from both litters have Rally and/or obedience titles & have passed the Temperament Test. Several are service dogs. All told we have had five litters through mid-2017 with the last litter not even 6 months, but from the other 4 litters, we have produced 19 AKC Champions and 7 Grand Champions, all with multiple working titles – out of 33 puppies total!

The final part of our formula is our “puppy people”.  Queens Over requires very special homes for the babies we have.  We work hard to produce puppies with lots of potential, and we want them to be “all that they can be”.  To that end, we require that each puppy get a basic obedience or rally title – enough to insure basic discipline as a family pet.  All our babies are expected to take the CGC and Temperament tests.  And show puppies must be shown.  It is a lot….but our puppies are special!  And we do not mind keeping the babies until just the right home comes along.  We have been blessed with wonderful  families for each of our babies,  and we are here for all of our puppies throughout their lives – to answer questions, offer support and encouragement, and cheer for the successes!

If you are looking for a very special Black Russian Terrier….  If you have the time and willingness to love a dog, but also work with that dog to make him or her a part of your family…..  If you have the alpha personality to handle a dog with true guardian ability….then you might be a home that is worthy of a Queens Over puppy.  If you think you are such a home, fill out the puppy application and let’s see what puppy we can find to fit your needs.